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I’m 28 years old, a bit mad, a little fickle and a social introvert (I basically really need my alone time). I love laughing, my friends and family, adventures, yoga and sunshine, who doesn’t right? I live in beautiful Cornwall but I am originally from the sometimes sunny Surrey.

I went through a hard time a few years back. In 2013, I was diagnosed with depression and I didn’t want to be here anymore. I was on anti-depressants and going through hardcore therapy, often having bad panic attacks and not wanting to leave the house. It was one of the hardest things I have been through but I got through it with the help of amazing friends and family.

I decided to quit life as I knew it, I packed up and went travelling to really find who I was and what I wanted. When I got home, I started to slowly figure it out. I moved to Cornwall a year and a half ago to be by the sea and to enjoy a life closer to nature. I now LOVE life and I am so grateful for all the ups and downs I have experienced and still experience. Now, I am not saying that everything is always great because it isn’t, but I am learning to see the best in everything and understand the crap times as well as celebrating the good! I am still figuring so much out but I am really excited about all that I know is coming.

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What I love most at the moment is my yoga mat, where I am usually trying very hard to touch my toes. I’ll be doing my yoga teacher training this year so let’s hope that can push me that little bit further so I can finally reach them.

I have started this blog because I just want to share my journey and all things I am passionate about, like what I do to look after my body, mind and soul, plus sharing my travel experiences. I don’t think there is enough honesty nowadays and a lot of people hide behind a perfect picture rather than just getting real about how they feel. I want to challenge the norms and really express my thoughts and feelings whilst spreading some sunshine. I hope you enjoy what you read and I hope it inspires you.


Lauren x

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