7 Rules To Live By

Education is a massive part of our lives and we learn a lot, but there are some things that we’re not taught, things that I think should be taught.

These are some things that I have learnt on my personal journey that have really changed my well-being. So go get a pen and paper, write them down and live by them (if you want to of course)!

Let nature be your teacher.

Go and sit on the Earth, feel it beneath you, feel the sun on your face and watch the clouds in the blue of the sky. This is where we find OUR true nature, the true you.

Embrace your shadows.

When we judge another, we are seeing a part of ourselves we don’t like or are insecure about. These are our shadows and a very important part of getting to pure happiness. See that part of yourself and embrace it, love every part of who you are, don’t judge others, everyone is on their own journey.


Our greatest power as human beings. We are love, we are meant to always come from love. Hate, fighting, jealousy, competition, these aren’t in our human nature. Always be love.


To create is to love, creation is key to our happiness. Don’t watch T.V, listen to the radio or read magazines, create your own fantastic reality, use the imagination given to you!


Inspire others to find their true selves, to come from love, to find true happiness.


Just, be. Quiet your mind, don’t use distractions, just be with yourself and be in the now.


You are it. “You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.” – Alan Watts

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