Manifesting A Dream – An Interaction With Derren Brown!

“Derren Brown began his UK television career in December 2000 with a series of specials called Mind Control. Since redefining the genre of magic for intelligent, modern audiences, he has become synonymous with the art of psychological manipulation. His TV shows have become must-see events. Amongst a varied and notorious career, Derren has played Russian Roulette on live television, convinced middle-managers to commit an armed robbery in the street, led the nation in a seance, stuck viewers to their sofas, successfully predicted the National Lottery, motivated a shy man to land a packed passenger plane at 30,000 feet, exposed psychic and faith-healing charlatans, and hypnotised a man to assassinate Stephen Fry. On top of this he tours the UK every year with a sell-out stage show.”

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I’ve loved and admired Derren Brown’s incredible talent for a long time now. I’ve been to see every live show of his except for one and every time I’ve hoped that I might get picked to go up on stage or have some kind of interaction with him.

The way I was lead to go to the show on Saturday night was interesting. I didn’t know Derren had a show on, I knew he had toured this year but I didn’t know he had any more shows coming up. Mark and I originally wanted to go on holiday, I was desperate to book somewhere but it didn’t work out because of flight prices. Anyway, during a car journey I thought to myself ‘I’m just going to have a look and see where and when Derren Brown is performing next.’ I figured it would probably be next year but was up for booking the tickets because I knew he had a new show.

As I opened his website and clicked on ‘On Stage’ there were 3 dates available, 19th, 20th, 21st October 2017, in Woking. I couldn’t believe it; we already had planned to go up that weekend as the yoga show was on. I really couldn’t believe that he had a performance showing the next weekend and that we would already be in the area. I booked for us to go!

All week I had been reading and learning about manifesting our desires and being open enough for what is meant for us to come to us. It takes a lot, you have to really believe and feel with the whole of your being that you are happy where you are, realising that your negativity or lack of self belief doesn’t serve you. You need to align yourself with what it is that you want and be a vibrational match to it.

I know that may sound a bit odd so here is an example to hopefully explain it a little better. If you want to find a parking space in a car park but you’re thinking to yourself ‘there won’t be any spaces, look how busy it is!’ Chances are, you won’t find a space, not easily anyway. If however, you believe with every cell in your body that you WILL find a parking space and it’ll be the best parking space, then you’re highly likely to find that space with ease. IF and it’s a big if for a reason, you are telling yourself there will be a space but deep down you don’t actually feel there will be because you don’t truly believe doing this will work, again, you won’t find a space because you have resistance within you.

When we arrived at the theatre, I went to the toilet and when I came out Mark told me there was a man walking around handing out envelopes, without thinking I said ‘well I’m going to get one!’ So, I went and got one. I had to fill in some details like my name and date of birth and then I had to ask a question, a question you would ask a psychic, what’s my pin number? Or will I get that job? It could be anything but it had to be seriously meant… can you guess what mine was?

Will I be successful in my career as a yoga teacher?

On the back I had to write an embarrassing secret, I’ll reveal that in a minute.

On the envelope I just had to write my initials, where I was sat (upper circle) and my row of where I was sat (row C). When I was finished we searched for the man with the bucket to put the envelope in and then I ran over to give him mine.

The second half of the show is when the magic happened. Derren came out and spoke about psychics and how it is a skill they learn and that years ago there would be someone called the ‘Oracle’ who would be able to read what was in people’s envelopes without opening them and then answer the question they asked. He proceeded to put his hand in the bowl and picked out a handful of cards, some of which he tossed aside. I remember thinking he could have tossed mine aside but maybe not. He took a card and sat down with it saying that it’s probably a woman in her late twenties, at that moment I knew it was me.

‘This card has LM written on it, upper circle, row C’ it actually was me! He got my name right after first thinking it was Louise, said I was 28 and that at my age I’m probably thinking of starting a business and that my question is probably to do with the success in that. He said it was as a yoga teacher and that he knows that answering my question will plant a seed and so it doesn’t matter what he says because it will lead me in one direction or the other and he of course isn’t a psychic. He went on and said ‘but I’m going to answer it for the hell of it and say you will be successful because you’re the type of person that will make anything work out, even if it’s not this, whatever it will be, I will be successful in it.’ Exactly what I wanted and needed to hear.

He carried on and said it could be in a specialist area like working with disabled children… ‘you look like you’re a bit guilty as I say that’, I laughed. ‘Did something happen with a disabled child? Did you drop a disabled child?’ ‘Yes I Did!’ And there and then my embarrading secret was revealed! Don’t worry, she was ok! He told me again I would succeed in my business and asked if that was an ok answer, to which I responded a big fat absolutely!

I sat down in my chair in awe. I know Derren Brown isn’t a psychic and he proclaims time and time again not to be, it’s just one of his tricks he does, but for that to happen to me was a dream come true.

I realised in that moment that I had created that reality, I had come into alignment with something I really wanted and it was given to me. It came at exactly the right time too, any other time I’ve been to one of his shows I probably asked questions that didn’t have as much value as this one.

I’m not saying that because Derren Brown told me I would be successful means I will, it’s how this whole situation and dream come true unfolded that gives me the knowing I will be successful because I’ve been shown in the best way possible, how when you’re in perfect alignment with what you want, you make it happen, it was proof! And the icing on the cake was that Derren Brown was the giver of that proof and I couldn’t be more thankful or happy for that.

Believe in what you want to happen, feel it with your entire self, with no resistance or doubt and it’ll come to you at the most perfect time.

4 thoughts on “Manifesting A Dream – An Interaction With Derren Brown!

  1. Excellent article, I am in the UK. I am a fan of Derren brown he has a good talent which is using psychology and is mind reading skills. I use to watch is trick or treat on television that stunned me some of the things he did… Just youtube him where he made a woman feel like she was dead and out her body looking at her self… Which it was a hypnosis what helped this.


      1. I am also a very big fan of him… I do feel he was cruel one time it was good how he did it like, but I did feel sorry for the poor woman. When he made her believe she died and was looking at herself. That was on a series trick or treat.


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