What Is A Sacred Cacao ceremony? A Journey Of The Heart

Now, I know you might be unsure about what I am talking about when I say ‘Sacred Cacao Ceremony’ and I understand that it may be far from something you would choose to do, but as this blog is all about the soul, this is something that I was lead to by my soul and something I am really feeling the benefits of. I also just love experimenting with anything that could open my heart in a positive way. I ask you to read this with an open mind and to just enjoy it for what it is.

The beginning 

We arrived in the darkness of the night, the rain falling, mud squelching around our feet, searching for the path to The Hobbit House. We saw the candlelit room through the trees and followed what path we could find by torchlight, watching each step carefully and a cat, jingling alongside us almost showing us the way. We got to the door and it opened, took off our boots outside and walked in. A smudge stick purified each of us and then we found our places in the sacred circle.

I could see everyone’s faces beautifully lit up by candles, roses all around us and bowls ready to be filled with our cacao medicine. I didn’t know what to expect, I only read one article on purpose because I didn’t want to have any pre-misconceptions of what would happen. I had the need to giggle at times, something that always seems to come over me when I’m a little nervous.

Where did the sacred cacao ceremony originate?

We closed our eyes and Ali talked us through where cacao originated from and what cacao ceremonies are. Archaeological evidence suggests that Cacao was first cultivated by the Olmec culture of Mexico around 1000BCE. However, the plant itself, cacao theobroma (meaning food of the gods) originated from the amazon rainforest. The plant was also highly prized by the growing empires of the Mayans and Aztecs. The Mayans believed that the plumed serpent, Kukulcan, gave them cacao after humans were created from maize by the divine grandmother goddess, Xmucane (The Cacao Goddess). Cacao was considered of divine origin, part of their creation myth and therefor firmly established in the culture. It was assigned very high status indeed, dedicated to the highest gods, used as currency and in ritual.

The Cacao ceremonies are heart opening, allowing you to journey into your heart space after you have consumed the drink.

After Ali had explained, we all hugged one another, to open our hearts up to the ceremony and to each other. Then, we sat down in our places and discussed our intentions for the ceremony. Mine was to be open to all possibilities in fulfilling my life’s purpose, a full surrendering to what is and accepting all of the ebb and flows of my journey. We picked out an Osho card and mine was ‘Innocence’, I wasn’t sure of the relevance at first but I knew it would be shown to me.

The cacao was poured into our bowls and once we all had a filled bowl we began to drink. It was very bitter, of course but I definitely enjoyed it. We then lay down and covered our eyes with scarves and our bodies with a blanket.

We felt the cacao travel through every part of our bodies and we were then told to go to a place where we easily connect with nature

My place was the jungle in Bali as when I was there I felt I WAS nature. I could see and feel my surroundings as if I was there, I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, hear the wind gently rustling through the palm trees and the waterfall splashing against the rocks in the distance. I wore a green top and denim shorts, every part of me was there except my physical self.

A path was shown which I followed with a freedom, twirling and dancing a long it. It lead to a gate, as I walked through that gate I was in the depths of the jungle but a clearing was in front of me, a sacred circle, which I sat in the middle of.

Three animals came to join me, a rabbit, then an owl and finally a lion

I was fearful of the lion at first but quickly I felt the love that emanated from him. The rabbit would nuzzle into my face and the owl sat there, still, as a wise owl would. I connected with the lion the most and I got on his back and he took me to a river where I washed myself, almost like purification. The lion then took me back to the sacred circle where I lay down and was embraced by Mother Cacao. Leaves and vines embraced my body, making me part of the Earth itself and I felt her healing parts of me that needed healing. I had an overwhelming feeling of my inner child, the one that has dreams and believes with the whole of their being that they will come true. The one that is fearless, ready to take on the World, able to do anything and be anyone they want to be. I was full of love and full of a knowing that I had that innocence in my heart and that it is a power, not a weakness, I knew then what the answer was to my intention as well as the relevance of my Osho card.

After my embrace with Mother Cacao, I returned to the river to be cleansed of my old self, the parts of me that no longer serve my soul.

I then again went back to the sacred circle where I embraced the Mother one final time. She dissolved into me, became part of me, a resident in my heart. That was my confirmation, that what I want to manifest is of course possible and that I have the power within my heart to make it a reality.

Once this happened it was time to go back down the path that brought me there, once again I twirled and floated down the path, feeling such happiness and peace within me. When I got back to where the path started there were two sets of clothes, one set were my old clothes and the other, some new clothes. We were asked to choose which set we would like to put on, there was no way I was putting on the old clothes so I picked up this beautiful white maxi dress and multi-coloured kimono, my hair long and flowing with a braid in and I felt more like myself than I had in a long time.

After the journey

Ali guided us out of our journey and back into the Hobbit House, still feeling the magic. We slowly sat up and all discussed our journeys, it was beautiful listening to everyone’s experiences and realisations.

I felt so excited leaving the ceremony, knowing that all is well and that I just have to tap into that inner child constantly to always remind myself that dreams really do come true when we believe in them enough. That life is just about feeling free and happy within ourselves, wearing bright colours and having braids in our hair!

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