The Magic Of Kundalini Yoga

The light is bright and buzzing, bugs are finding their way to it, bouncing off as they touch the bulb. The air is sticky and full, it’s hard to catch a breath and I can feel the sweat on the top of my brow. I sit down at the already busy table and my dear friend Komang rushed to the kitchen to cook up a nasi goreng for us all. There are two men, dressed in white that look very peaceful, a glow about them that makes me feel curious. Neither of them are talking and so I ask where they’re from;

“I’m from Belgium”

“And I’m from Holland.”

“What are you doing at this ashram?” I ask inquisitively.

“We are here to teach yoga.”

“Ah great, I love yoga, what kind of yoga do you teach?”

“Kundalini, the best kind of yoga.”

And that was where it began.

Upon returning home from my holiday in Bali I searched for Kundalini classes in my area. From the research I’d done I wasn’t too sure what it was all about, nothing told me definitively what happened in a class, it was just explained as meditation with breath and movement to move energy blocks out of the body.

I found a class, Unity of Heart and emailed the teacher who said I was welcome to go along. When I arrived there were two other women there along with the teacher, Teja, and they all welcomed me with open, loving arms. I was handed a laminated sheet with a couple of chants on and a song on the back. I hadn’t been part of a yoga class like this since being in Bali and I felt excited.

What happens in a class?

After opening up our practice with chants, a lovely warm-up to beautiful music the class consisted of performing a kriya. A kriya is a series of postures, breath and sound that works towards a specific outcome. When you practice a kriya it initiates a sequence of physical and mental changes that affect your mind, body and soul together. These kriyas can do things like purifying the self, stimulate your chakra system, keeping the body beautiful, and balance your nervous and glandular system. A kriya is mainly experienced with your eyes shut, which allows you to truly go inward. After the kriya we entered a deep relaxtion where we lay down and felt the benefits of the kriya.

Safe to say I was hooked and I have been back to class every week since and find it really hard when I miss a class.

Why practice kundalini?

When you practice Kundalini yoga you are doing it to awaken your consciousness and shine light on your minds limitations in order for you to be able to come from your intuitive mind, which is one of the main goals.

I have experienced pure blissful moments during my Kundalini practice where I feel I am connected to my whole self, as well as coming out wondering what the hell is wrong with me because its opened me up and shown me something that I need to heal within myself. We can be doing one kriya to work on the nervous system, doing an exercise where I think I have it easy. Then, in another kriya where we are working on the heart chakra, doing the same exercise, I can be nearly crying in pain, having to really use my breath and consciousness to move the energy that’s blocked there.

The ego wants comfort, it doesn’t want pain and it’ll tell you over and over to stop, so a big part of the practice is to come from the heart and your truth and by doing that whilst performing the kriya, you can create a strong connection with your soul.

The breath is also vitally important and we do a variety of different breathing styles during each exercise. This breath work strips away layers of yourself, showing you who you really are, whether you like it or not.

Not only has Kundalini yoga helped me immensely in becoming my true self, I have met women that feel like my soul sisters and seeing them in class is one of my favourite times of the week. My teacher is incredible, beautiful inside and out and I truly don’t know what I would do without her. They are all so supportive in every way and I am so grateful to have them in my life.

Go try a class & feel the magic!

Kundalini yoga is by no means an easy form of yoga and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but if you’re looking to open yourself up spirutally and heal parts of yourself that you didn’t even know you needed to heal, then go and try a class. You need to experience it for yourself to feel the pure magic of it. This post hardly does it justice!

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