Meditation Is A Soulversation

Soul: Hello

Mind: Hello

Soul: So nice to connect with you

Mind: Yeah, you too, I think.

Soul: You haven’t been listening to me.

Mind: Yes I have!

Soul: No you haven’t, I am telling you many things and you are doing the opposite or nothing at all.

Mind: Well I don’t think I should do those things, I feel safe as I am.

Soul: Oh, are you happy then?

Mind: Yes of course, I have everything I need.

Soul: And what is everything you need?

Mind: I have a job, a home, a car, money, nice hair, nice clothes

Soul: But they are only things, what happens when they are gone?

Mind: I won’t lose those things!

Soul: Are you sure?

Mind: Yes

Soul: You know for certain you will never lose your job, home, money, nice hair and clothes?

Mind: Erm, yes?

Soul: Ah, hesitation, finally!

Mind: Ok maybe I could lose those things.

Soul: Right, you could be made redundant, you may then not have enough money to pay for your house, car and nice hair and clothes. That one change in your life may mean you could lose all those things you say make you happy.

Mind: Yes, that’s true.

Soul: I am so glad we are agreeing. Now, listen to me, really listen to me. In order to be truly happy, you need to make ME happy!

Mind: Why? Who are you?

Soul: I am your truth, I am pure love, I am the REAL you. I hold the key to everything you truly need for your happiness.

Mind: And what is that?

Soul: Following your purpose.

Mind: And what is that?

Soul: To be happy no matter what your situation because you are on your true path.

Mind: Ok, how do I get that?

Soul: Connect with me more, do the things that feed me. Have fun, be creative, read books that set your heart on fire, move your body, care for it, eat the right foods, meditate, be in the moment, surrender to what is, follow the things that make your heart feel happy.

Mind: Oh, that sounds really good to me but I know the ego part of me will get in the way of doing those things.

Soul: That’s the biggest challenge, making my voice louder than that one, but you can do it because it leads to inner happiness and that’s better than what you have now isn’t it? That’s what your ego has provided you and you’ve now worked out that those things don’t make you truly happy.

Mind: YES!

Soul: Good, now, let’s begin this magical journey together.

 I meditate because when I do it, I am having a conversation with my soul

I am allowing myself to connect back to my truth, the only truth. There is too much in my daily life, in all our daily lives that keep us disconnected from our souls and it is trying so hard to talk to us. We ignore it by watching the television or going out drinking or going shopping, we will always find ways to keep us from ourselves but to be truly happy, we need to make time to be with ourselves.

It’s a scary thing to do, being alone with you and only you. It feels abnormal and like it isn’t right but its actually it’s the most right thing you can do. It is connecting back to you, the most important person in your life.

 So, what is the soul?

The soul is the core of your being. It is eternal. It doesn’t exist in space or time. It’s a field of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity. It’s your internal reference point with which you should always be in touch.

I wrote a post about intuition and that is the soul talking to you in the most obvious way. You get that gut wrenching feeling you should be doing something different, a new career, a new place to live etc. But you question if that’s right and you’re scared to make a change because you’re safe as you are. Well, the soul will just make things harder for you and there will come a time when you HAVE to listen to it, it will make you listen to it because otherwise you will live your life unhappy and that is the last thing your soul wants for you.

Let go of your mind, let go of your ego, put your right hand on your heart, close your eyes, sit quietly and love yourself enough to connect to your truth, your soul and then watch what happens.

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