Release Your Inner Child and Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams!

When was the last time you acted like a child? Like really let yourself be free, not caring about what others think of you. You know that saying, ‘dance like no-one is watching’? That’s what it’s like to act like a child because that’s what they do, they don’t worry about anyone watching them when they do anything, and they’re just themselves.

This weekend just gone I spent it acting like a child. I was doing my kids yoga teacher training in London and it was SOOOOOOOO fun (note my childish way of writing so) and I really didn’t expect it to teach me on a much deeper level about how I want to live my life, and maybe this post will help you to fulfill your wildest dreams.

Why do we lose our inner child when we become adults?

Well, responsibility, ok, but why does that mean we can’t let our souls shine through in everything we do?

We are told over and over again how to act, how our lives should be and what types of choices we should make. We get told that the world is a scary place and we need to stay safe and do as we are told to make sure we don’t make mistakes.

Mistakes are vital to our learning…

…throughout all of our lives, we need to do things and then learn from what we’ve done. In all honesty I don’t believe in mistakes, I think we make each decision in the moment for the right or wrong reasons but it’s on our path to do whatever it is we are doing.

The truth is life really is a playground. We are here to experiment and to explore, to find out what we love, what sparks the light inside us, not to sit back in the safety of four walls and watch others do it in films and TV shows.

We need to re-learn to explore and to step out of our comfort zones.

When you’re a child you want to try everything, all the sports, all the clubs, all the instruments, I know I did, my poor Mum was forever having to buy the next accessory I needed for whatever hobby I had signed up to. When we become adults though we stop exploring and trying new things because we fear we will fail or won’t be any good at it, but how will you ever know if you don’t try?

We also never play and be silly like we did when we were children, why don’t we skip down the street or really, really dance when our favourite song comes on? Because it’ll mean we’re not serious human beings who know how to behave?

By being this way it also means we lose the magic in life, we don’t see it anymore because we no longer believe in it the way we did when we were children but there IS magic in the World and its waiting for us all to find it.

Life is happening right now and we are all far too busy taking it so seriously that we are completely missing the point.

What if you’re meant to be a singer? What if you’re meant to research how dolphins communicate? What if you’re meant to write a book or be an artist? If you’re sitting there and something is coming to your heart as you read this, stop and ask yourself ‘what is the worst thing that can happen if I pursue my wildest dream?’. My post on listening to your intuition could also help with this!

We need to sprinkle the fairy dust on each of our lives and we need to live from our hearts. Life is for play, for joy, for dreaming, for exploring, for excitement! Don’t reach the age of 80 and look back and realise that you lost the magic and that you didn’t fulfill your dreams because you were too scared of failing.

I will leave you with this question…

What do you REALLY want to be when you grow up?


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