How To Listen To Your Intuition

Our intuition is the voice inside us that tells us when something is right or wrong, if we should or shouldn’t do something. It is our heart speaking to us instead of our head. As much as our minds are useful for so many things, they can also be little monkeys that cause us a lot of distress. The truth of it is, whenever you have a decision to make, you will always know the true answer because its that gentle voice whispering to you that can be scary to listen to.

Listening to my heart.

My most memorable first experience of when I decided to listen to my heart over my head was when I decided to leave all I knew behind and go travelling. It got to the point where my intuition took over my whole being and I couldn’t do anything but act on it. I packed up my whole life, quit my job, rented my house out and booked a ticket, not knowing when I’d be home. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

On that trip, not only did I have incredible experiences that I will remember forever, but I learnt valuable life lessons. I discovered what it was to truly be alone and enjoy it, I found my spirituality through yoga and meditation classes and I met people who touched my heart and taught me so much.

Not listening to my heart.

There have also been times when I haven’t listened to my intuition, mainly when I have been in relationships where I have allowed the other person to not treat me well because of my lack of self-love. I am sure most of you reading this have experienced a time where you have stayed with someone because you didn’t want to be alone? Even if they’ve treated you terribly. Funnily enough though there comes a time when again your intuition will take over and it will mean you can’t do anything but listen to it. And that’s when you leave.

We need to learn to find balance and to follow our hearts wherever they may take us.

By doing this we wont be in a job we hate for too long, or a relationship we’re not happy in or have dreams we never made come true because we will have listened to what our truth is. It can be hard when your heart is saying one thing and your mind is saying another because you’re not sure which to listen to but the more you practice this, the easier it gets.

I had another experience earlier in the year where I had an amazing opportunity for a job with a wonderful charity, it encompassed a lot of what I am and I was so excited to get an interview. After loads of preparation and feeling more nervous than ever, I went to the interview and it went really well, I came out though and felt like I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. If I had decided to go to the second interview and if I had gotten the job, I wouldn’t have gone to India and I wouldn’t be a yoga teacher, and that is something that DOES feel right.

That situation made me see how strong my intuition is and how when we listen to it, we always win because it’s truly what we are meant to be doing.

Don’t let your mind be a monkey mind.

Please don’t let your mind control you with fear of the unknown or worse, fear of not being good enough for what your heart is telling you is meant for you. When we believe in ourselves we can create a life we can be proud of, a life filled with joy and a life that when we look back we know we listened to our heart and we did everything we could have ever dreamed of with no regrets.

A test for your intuition

If you have a decision that you need to make and you’re finding it hard to separate your two voices then flip a coin, tales is one choice, heads the other. Once you flip it, feel inside yourself which side you want the coin to land on, that’s your answer, you don’t even need to see which side it lands on.

Please do comment and let me know what your heart is telling you right now!

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