I Left My Heart In Rishikesh; My Truth About Yoga Teacher Training

I knew that doing my yoga teacher training would change my life but I didn’t know how much it would change.

I have learnt so much here in India, not just about yoga but about myself. I have proved to myself how resilient I am, how strong I am, how adaptable I am and how worthy I am. My journey on the spiritual path started 5 years ago when I realised that there was something more to this existence on planet earth. I had a yearning to come to India for a long time, it was always on my list of places but it felt stronger, like I couldn’t not go so when I decided to do my yoga teacher training it was a no brainier that I would do it in India. I was recommended to go to Rishikesh by an old school friend who had been and when I found my yoga school I knew it was the one.

My Gurus

Once I met my teachers, I was exactly where I was meant to be. These three Gurus accepted me just as I was, they showed me a love and kindness that was so beautiful and they taught me more than I could have imagined. I experienced an unconditional love that is only usually felt with family but I suppose I can say they are now family. They all gave something different, Dr Sumit was my anatomy and alignment teacher and also looked after all of us whenever we needed something, as well as making us laugh from every body part which I always enjoyed. Sumit was our yoga drill sergeant who taught us discipline and made our bodies strong, he also had a gentle heart that could switch and teach us a beautiful lesson about our yoga path or wipe away our tears. Then there was Sandeep, a beautiful man that oozed peace and happiness, he would walk in the room and instantly I was calm, he taught us philosophy of yoga, Hatha yoga, my favourite, meditation and pranayama. He had a way to speak directly to your soul, as if bypassing everything else to make sure the lessons that needed to be learnt were learnt.

A teacher resides in us all

As well as my three Gurus, I had a teacher in every one of my fellow students. Everyone came with their own wisdom and I saw myself in each one of them, seeing how I needed to change and adapt and what I needed to work on and also seeing their beauty. I hadn’t experienced our connectedness as human beings as much as I did at my yoga school. We were all different ages and from different places but we were all the same, all wanting to explore the path of yoga and how we fit in to it.

I know to some that may sound odd, what do you mean our connectedness? Well, we are all one, we are all the same, we are all here to learn the lessons Earth has to offer and to do the right actions (karma yoga) to ensure our souls go on to do amazing things be it in this life or the next. I’ve realised that because of this connection to each other it is so important to love one another, to release any negative thoughts we may have about another, be it jealousy, anger or frustration because ultimately we all experience the same feelings and emotions and we all go through hard times that we have to learn to be courageous in.

My lessons from India with love

I learnt that I truly am on the right path, that having a discipline every day is good for you, I will be making a ritual that starts the day positively so that it can flow into the rest of my day. I’m strong, so so strong, in my body and my mind, I can chatarunga like a boss and hold my asanas for a long time, comfortably using my breath and I can get through two hours of hardcore ashtanga and come out smiling and sweating a ridiculous amount. I’m a deeply spiritual being and I’m proud, I contemplate myself, the world, the universe and why I’m here, who I truly am, in my philosophy classes I felt the words speaking to my soul as if I already knew it and I did, because it’s my truth. I LOVE a lot, my heart doesn’t have to remove anyone to fit someone else in, it just grows bigger, people are everything and my god do I love each person I that crosses my path, even if I may get upset about something, I know always that there is a lesson in it for me or for them and that’s pretty cool. I’m super adaptable to my surroundings, wherever I am I can change to suit it, give me rice and beans twice a day and I’ll love it, give me a 12 hour day and I’ll survive it, give me 35 degree heat and I’ll do yoga in it, give me a bad back and I’ll use the time to practice positivity and inner peace, leave me stuck in India and I’ll write a blog post, haha! I really do live in the present moment, it is all there is, yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn’t arrived, now is the only time we can be sure of. Learning to speak from my heart and letting my soul shine through is so hard because to quiet the mind isn’t easy but I feel I have the tools to enable me to achieve the silence I need in my mind through meditation and pranayama and one day, I’ll get there.

It really is all about surrendering

My biggest lesson though is learning to surrender, and I mean really surrender. Putting my faith in life and the universe, knowing I will always be provided for and asking to be lead to where I need to be in order to do what I need to to serve others and spread the knowledge and wisdom I have gained throughout my life. Everything that has happened has lead me to this moment and I now know more than ever what I’m truly meant to do and I am so grateful for that. I only got here through surrendering, by following my heart above all else and knowing I am worthy and CAN be who I am meant to be by releasing any expectations of myself and what I thought I should be to please others.

Final soul thoughts

After my month in India I can proudly say I am so happy to be ME, unapologetically with all my beautiful imperfections and I can’t wait to share with others how to find the inner peace and happiness that I have experienced.

I have so much more to learn and I will fully immerse myself in my spiritual path and yoga by devoting myself to self study and being disciplined in my daily life so I can be the best version of myself for others.

In the mean time, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself, how beautiful you are and that today, you’re going to start making your dreams come true.

My heart will forever be in Rishikesh.

Oh and did I mention? I’M A YOGA TEACHER! And if your dream is to teach yoga, do it, I can’t recommend it enough.

Namaste beauties. 

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