Surrendering to what is

How often are you in a situation and flip out because it wasn’t what you expected? It could be a night out, a date you went on, a holiday, yoga teacher training. There are so many things this can apply to. 

Being in India teaches a valuable life lesson. Release expectations. 

India is a poor country, rubbish decorates the streets, dust and pollution decorates your face and lungs, hygiene doesn’t really exist and you risk your life every time you walk down the road. After travelling to quite a few countries I felt like it was just another to explore and be in awe of, to immerse myself into the culture and just love every moment I get to spend here. Unfortunately though, this isn’t the case for everyone. 

It’s so difficult coming to a new country and having certain expectations that aren’t met.

Arriving at my yoga school with the power out and no-one else being here was slightly terrifying. I didn’t know where I was and I couldn’t see anything because of the lack of power, less than ideal when you’re desperate for the toilet and can’t see where the toilet is. Luckily this didn’t last for long. The hotel wasn’t what I expected (note, I expected something), it didn’t look like the photos and it didn’t look clean. I went out for food and water and finally got into bed waiting for the sun to rise. The next day was much brighter, I met another girl who had arrived and we went out for breakfast, we then met two others on our course and everything felt better. From that moment I was happy, I felt I had really arrived. 

As the next two weeks went on, it became clear that a lot of people were happy with a lot of things. Food, their room, the teaching, noise, lots of things. I found this quite difficult. I had surrendered to what was, there were things that I thought weren’t ideal but there was nothing I could do, so to enjoy my time, I surrendered. 

It got me thinking about surrendering and why we struggle to do this. 

We become very caught up and attached to what we know, we like certain foods, we like a certain standard of living, we like to look a certain way and we like to get what we paid for. The thing is, these things are all external reasons to be happy. By constantly searching for the external, we will never find the peace and happiness within us because once you start searching outside, you just keep on searching, never finding what you’re looking for because you already have it within, you just don’t know to look there. 

I started wondering if I should be irritated with things the way others were, I really questioned myself, asking why I’m so happy

My conclusion again came back to surrendering, I wasn’t letting any of the external effect me because it was minor compared to what I was doing. I am in India, learning to be a yoga teacher from three incredible teachers who are enabling me to go inwards and find my true happiness, how lucky am I? Of course I’ve spent money to be here but by focusing on the money and what you’ve got for that money, you’ll always be disappointed because it can’t ever meet your expectation. This applies to anything. 

Take a deep breath right now, as you read this, close your eyes and just tell yourself, I surrender to what is, whatever comes my way, I surrender to it, I have no expectation of anything or anyone because I’m in charge of my happiness and nothing that happens in my external world can change that. 

I’m not saying this is easy, it takes practice and guess what? Surrendering! I’m sure I will have many challenges where I need to remember to surrender. But from doing it during this journey, I do promise if you start surrendering to what is, you’ll see your life start to change and your happiness will increase beyond words. 

Surrender, surrender, surrender. All is well and all is as it should be. 

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