Learning to love myself 

My journey with this topic has been a painful one and I know there is still so much learning to come but I feel I can truly say that after only four days at my yoga school in India I have realised what I needed to do to be fully happy within myself.

When I arrived in India my skin of course broke out 

This sent me into a whirlwind of anxiety and upset. I cried so much, I look at myself in the mirror and I watched myself sob about how I feel about my skin. As I watched myself do this, something happened. I actually witnessed the sadness that I am causing myself because of what I am letting my mind tell me about my skin. As I watched, I decided in that moment I didn’t want to be the cause of that sadness anymore. I looked at myself and I said ‘I don’t want to cause myself this pain anymore, I don’t want to hate my skin, I want to love it, I want to feel free of this prison I’m creating and be happy with me, as I am.’

I went to sleep and woke up, it was a new day and I was ready for anything, despite my skin

I shared my worries with a dear friend I’ve made here at Siddhi Yoga and she told me I need to just accept my skin as it is, love it, because it’s doing its best for me, it just doesn’t know what to do right now but it loves me and only want to help me. THAT was what I needed to hear in that moment. My perspective instantly changed, it was no longer, why is my skin doing this to me? It was, my skin loves me and it only wants to be the absolute best but sometimes it will struggle. From that moment on, I truly felt I loved my skin, despite it being broken out.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been really kinds to myself and my skin

instead of the negative self talk I’ve loved it, I’ve observed any spots and just been ok with it, I haven’t felt any attachment to them. It’s released. From doing this the past two days, my skin has started to heal, I’ve been listening to it’s needs, does it need moisture? Does it need washing? (This is constant because I sweat so much here). And it certainly doesn’t want to be picked apart, literally.

My feelings about my skin has been the one thing that has held me back from a full, unconditional love towards myself and what has happened feels like pure magic.

Loving ourselves is all about acceptance

NO MATTER WHAT. we have been created as we are in the physical because its our identity but our true selves is our soul, that’s where our beauty lies and once that realisation happens, that beauty starts to shine from you.

Funnily enough this evening, I had two incredible comments from fellow students. One said I look calm and that I have a kind heart and another asked me what products I use because my skin is lovely! My skin is lovely? WHAT? I couldn’t believe it, and then I took a moment and I could, because it is lovely, I’m shining from my soul and THAT is what my face reflects.

I’m not denying that I may have some bad days but my goodness I’m going to try with all my might to stay in this state of heart.

Whatever your ‘thing’ is that causes you to struggle with loving yourself, become aware of it and then simply accept it. Look at it from this same perspective and everything will change.

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