Lessons From Nature

“Study nature. Love nature. Stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright.

Something I learnt is how important nature is to our lives. We come from nature but have become so disconnected from it we have forgotten some really important lessons that nature teaches us and not only that, we are destroying it.

My first real experience of being immersed in nature was staying with Thom in Cornwall at 7th rise, which I spoke about in this post. I haven’t come from a family that loves camping or being in nature so never really got it, but after spending time at 7th Rise, I finally got it. Being surrounded by the trees, hearing nothing but the river flowing, the wind blowing, the birds singing and the rain falling everything all of a sudden felt very real, the most real I had ever felt.

From travelling I have seen nature at it’s best and worst but what gets me the most is everything we miss on a daily basis, the things I started seeing.

The sun rises and sets every day and in between it shines, maybe it’ll be cloudy and rain but thank goodness it does, as without that we wouldn’t have crops. Then, the moon and stars come out and make our night sky sparkle and if you’ve ever been somewhere without light pollution and looked up, it’s beauty personified. The flowers that grow from season to season to add colour to our days and the butterflies & bees that pollenate to continue our existence here on the Earth.

What I am trying to say is that nature already provides everything that we need as human beings to exist.

We can live without the obsessing over how we look and buying the products to aid the obsession: The junk food, alcohol and smoking that in turn causes our unhealthiness: The television and magazines that teach us nothing but how unworthy we are. All of that is unnecessary to our existence but of course we will continue to live with all of those elements because we aren’t taught enough about our natural world.

The butterfly’s life is a perfect example of a lesson that nature teaches us about change, Mary Angelou said famously;

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly. But rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

The butterfly starts off as a caterpillar, not so attractive and not yet able to spread it’s wings and fly. Then one day that caterpillar changes, after being stuck in a cocoon all of a sudden it becomes this beautiful living thing that can fly and has the amazing purpose to pollenate. They can’t see their wings or how beautiful they are. They don’t know their importance, but everyone else knows. People are like that as well.

Perhaps the butterfly teaches us one of our biggest life lessons…

…that YOU are amazing in every way and if you have the courage to give up being a caterpillar, change the things that are holding you back, you will fly.

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