Why Sisterhood Is One Of The Most Important Things In Your Life

Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a feminist, I mean if I’m honest I’m not quite sure what makes someone a feminist? What I do know though is how amazing women are. We go through so much in life as a woman, starting out in the World as just innocent girls and ending up as strong, courageous, badass’s.

I remember when I started my first period (there is no such thing as TMI). I was eleven years old, I had just walked round a car boot sale with my Mum and Aunt, in what I can only describe as excruciating pain and found myself confused and in more pain as I sat on the loo at Asda! ASDA! I kept my cool, left the toilet, found my Mum and Aunt and quietly told them through now crying eyes that “I think I’ve started my period!”. In that moment I felt like I had turned into a grown up, like that was what made you a woman, but I was only eleven!

After that came boobs and boys, oh what turmoil. I had puppy fat during this time and I didn’t enjoy washing my hair, had Harry Potter style glasses and wore the same ‘Calvin Klein’ T-shirt every day. My Mum would take me shopping and the then very cool ‘Tammy Girl’ clothes didn’t fit me because of my bit of podge and I started to feel all of these horrible feelings that I hadn’t felt before. All of a sudden I really cared about my image and who I was, where as before I was happy with my greasy hair and faded t-shirt. In addition to all that, the kids at school were so mean! A boy I fancied even pretended to be my boyfriend as a joke! What a way to experience rejection for the first time.

That was the beginning of what I would call my womanhood and I must say it hasn’t gotten much easier. The one thing that has made it easier though are my sisters. I’m not talking about my actual sisters because I don’t have any, I am talking about the women I have met throughout my life that have become my sisters. The women who have got me through some of the hardest times and who have gone through the hardest times themselves and STILL come out smiling. The women, who stand on their own two feet, are independent and provide for themselves. The women who make mistakes because they’re human and who are perfect in every way imaginable (you all know who you are).

My first experience of sisterhood was with my Mum, Nana and Auntie. Wow, those three are something else. My Nana is no longer with us but she was the most gentle and beautiful soul. My Mum and my Auntie have both been through so much and have taught me so much. They both have been so successful in their lives and have shown me how to be a hardworking, independent woman and how to get whatever I want in life. They are not only my family, but they’re my best friends.

The friends I have met throughout my life, whether they are still in my life or not have all had an affect on me that is everlasting and I have shared so many life changing experiences with them all. It might have been the smallest thing, but I have learnt something from each and every one of them.

Sisterhood to me is when women stand together, we are not in competition, we don’t want to harm each other or bitch about each other because we are each other. The World is hard enough and we need to realise how important we all are and how we can support one another on the journey to loving ourselves, instead of hating on ourselves. Us women have a lot of pressure on us to be a certain way but I want to say SCREW THAT and let’s just be us, loving each wobbly bit, spot or wonky toe (do you have a wonky toe? If so, love it!).

We will never get from men what we get from women, and I am not talking about that, you dirty minded woman (or maybe man). I mean the understanding, the knowing that life is super tough at times, that hormones drive us crazy, and I need my girls in my life to be able to say “AAAHHH! I FEEL LIKE I AM GOING INSANE AND ALL I DID WAS DROP ONE PORRIDGE OAT ON THE FLOOR!”

Let’s celebrate each other gorgeous women, let’s be there for each other when we might be feeling a little low and let’s help each other shine from the inside out.

Feminist or not, after writing this, I am feeling EMPOWERED and I hope you are feeling the same after reading it.

We are women and we are amazing in every single way!

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