The Travel Diaries: Cape Coast Weekender

Our taxi was meant to arrive at 8:30 but this is Ghana so it arrived at 9am. About 20 minutes into the journey we got stuck down a ditch, did I mention how bad the roads were? Our driver got out and all of a sudden there were 4 Ghanaians to the rescue! They lifted us out with us still in the car and off we went. 6 hours and 40 minutes later we arrived in Cape Coast at our hotel, very sweaty, numb bums and starving hungry. When we walked into the reception of our hotel, Hans Cottage, we gave our names for our reservations, no reservations even though we had called and made them two nights ago. Anyway, they had rooms for us and it really was luxury compared to our house. A double bed & running water which meant we could flush the toilet! After unpacking we went to the restaurant and I was so excited to eat! I had a tuna sandwich and chips, much better for a change to have that rather than rice again. I then had a running shower! Cold but lush! We then went back to the restaurant to have pancakes.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 10.52.29

On the Saturday we were up early to start our day trip! Eggs and toast for breakfast, again better than my usual breakfast of biscuits! At 8:30am we head off to our first destination, a canopy walk in the rainforest. I loved it! It was 7 canopies, 120ft off the groundsurrounded by beautiful scenery. After that we went to a monkey sanctuary, probably the best kind of animal sanctuary/zoo I have ever been to with the most interesting people owning it. A couple from Holland that had come over to Ghana 10 years ago with the intention of setting up a guesthouse with some animals, it turned into a guesthouse eaten by termites and animals everywhere, mainly monkeys. Dennis showed us around and informed us of how and where he got all of the scars that covered a lot of his arms and legs, all from the animals of course. He was so interesting and I loved hearing about his and his wife’s lives in Ghana. At the end of the tour we got to have a cuddle with Lupi the monkey who was adorable. I could have stayed all day listening to Dennis and Anetta and I would highly recommend their monkey sanctuary to anyone visiting Cape Coast. We then went to the ‘Slave Castle’, an amazing piece of history which really made you feel ashamed to be british or european for what they did to the african people, so sad hearing what they went through and going into the dungeons where they had to live like animals, nowhere to go to the toilet and no air at all was horrible, knowing they had been in there and suffering, was heartbreaking.

If heading to this area of Ghana, visit Cape Coast, it’s full of adventure and history and if you are volunteering, it’s a good break away.

 Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 10.51.54

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